Canada Travel Guide

Canada - the great white northern frontier. Known for its snowy winters, the beauty of its vast national parks, welcoming multicultural society and abundant natural resources, Canada is the holiday destination of choice for avid skiers and nature enthusiasts.

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Places to Visit in Canada


Canada - Experience the Great Outdoors

Canada abounds in natural resources. It features millions of lakes, imposing forests, spectacular snow capped mountains and opulent, multicultural cities.

Banff National Park - Get up close to nature!

If you're into golf, hiking nature trails, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking or seeing deer, bears, moose and mountain sheep in a spectacular setting - you'd be hard pressed to find a better holiday spot than Banff National Park.

Tip to see wildlife: Get up early (with the rising sun if you can) and head to a nearby lake or watering hole. There you'll find deer and moose hydrating for the day. Alternatively, if you find yourself at dusk close to a grassy plain, keep an eye out - you're bound to see more.

And don't be surprised if you encounter mountain sheep on the highway. They're protected in the national park and just assume they have right of way. So pull out the camera, sit tight and take some pics until your newfound mountain friends make their way back up!

Banff in Winter - your very own ski paradise!

And if you thought Banff National Park was spectacular in the summer - well you should see it in the winter! Banff is a skier's paradise with mega slopes and heaps of snow to satisfy even the most demanding ski connoiseur. Of course winter in Canada means cold - so bundle up, put heat packs in your ski boots and swish away to your heart's content!